Signs That You Need Professional Septic Tank System Cleaning

While septic tanks may seem too old-fashioned to many, there are quite a bit of a few benefits to owning one instead of just being part of the municipal or city wastewater removal system. As a matter of fact, they may cost cheaper to install compared to having to pay for a sewer system service to a property, for instance, and they are usually good for the environment. However, while the waste is being handled immediately, that does not literally mean that septic tank systems do not require upkeep or maintenance. Having said that, a professional home septic systems cleaning service is also a part of the routine, even if it is just not too common.

Knowing when it is time for the cleaning of your septic tank can be hard. There is no light that tells you that it is already time for septic tank service, or no certain schedule that needs to be kept. All you need to do is just to watch for any signs indicating that it is time. The following are some of the few common indications you need to know when it is time for a professional septic tank system cleaning:

1. Foul Odors

It is basically one of the most apparent indications that it is already time for a septic tank cleaning service. With that being said, you definitely know what your residential property smell like and once you begin smelling something unusual that should not be there, it is more likely that it is time to contact and hire for a professional and experienced septic tank cleaning service provider. The odor may be coming from the inside however, you can also tell that it is near your septic tank. Interestingly, it is not necessarily the usual odor of the feces as you may expect. Your septic tank is breaking down a lot of organic molecules which product foul odors such as soaps from laundry detergents, oils from kitchen dishes and skin oil from showers.

2. Sewer Backup

If you have a sewer backup, it is very obvious that your septic tank is already full. Thus, you need to contact a professional septic tank cleaning service right away and ensure that it does not happen again.

3. Slow Drains

When talking about slow drains, there’s only one thing you need to check on if whether the problem comes from the drain or the main line. If it comes from the drain, that drain will only be the one which is affected. If all your drains run slow, on the other hand, then it is time for you to hire a professional and reliable septic tank cleaning service provider.

4. Pooling Water

Pooling water below or at your septic tank is another great sign that it is time for a septic tank system cleaning service. If your tank gets full, solids can block or clog the pipes and drive liquid to the surface that can result to standing water. When you see overly soggy spots or pooling water around your septic tank, call a professional.